In this bonus podcast episode, I interviewed Juniper Networks' Chief AI Officer, Bob Friday,  to discuss changes in AI and how AI impacts the networking industry.   Mr. Friday also defines AIOps and what it means to deliver what Juniper Networks calls an AI-native platform. 

 Bob Friday’s Bio:
Bob Friday, Chief AI Officer and CTO, Juniper Networks

Bob is the co-founder of Mist Systems and currently serves as the Chief AI Officer at Juniper Networks and CTO of Juniper’s enterprise business following Juniper’s acquisition of Mist. Bob started his career in wireless at Metricom (Ricochet wireless network) developing and deploying wireless mesh networks across the country to connect the first generation of Internet browsers. After Metricom, Bob co-founded Airespace, a start-up focused on helping enterprises manage the flood of employees bringing unlicensed Wi-Fi technology into their businesses.

After Cisco’s acquisition of Airespace in 2005, Bob became the VP/CTO of Cisco enterprise mobility and drove mobility strategy / investments in the wireless business (e.g. Navini, Cognio, ThinkSmart, Phunware, Wilocity, Meraki) and product / industry innovation (e.g. CMX, Cleanair, HS2.0 / Passpoint, indoor location). He holds more than 15 patents.

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