In this podcast, I interview Kavitha Prasad. She is Intel's VP  for Artificial Intelligence Strategy.  We started the conversation by defining the various  types of AI accelerators to deliver clarity. We move on to discuss the barriers to unlocking value from AI and  advice on how to improve AI implementations. We close the podcast with what's new and exciting in the space.

Her bio.

As an experienced Business and Technology leader across a wide range of system applications, system architecture, business development, and go-to-market strategies, she has delivered competitive solutions to Cloud, Enterprise and Embedded markets.

Kavitha has a masterful track record of building high performance teams that consistently deliver high quality products at an aggressive cadence. As an established leader in the semiconductor industry, Kavitha’s broad hardware and software proficiency enables her to deliver multiple successful products in ASICs, SOCs, FPGAs and servers across multiple process nodes.

Best known for leveraging her passion for building authentic customer relationships and coupling it with her technical engineering expertise, Kavitha brings best-in-class AI and Machine Learning solutions in training and inference across edge to cloud.

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