Strategic Business Consulting

Strategic Business Consulting Services for Corporations

Lopez Research offers a suite of strategic consulting services to assist corporations and telecom service providers in exploiting mobility technology to best benefit their organization. The ever-changing face of the mobile technology industry makes it a challenge for groups and organizations to focus solely on internal resources when creating a corporate mobile strategy. The team of mobile technology experts at Lopez Research is equipped to implement and consult businesses on enterprise mobility strategy and other corporate strategic planning initiatives integral to organizational growth.

Corporate Strategic Planning for Any Industry

Mobility services can—and should—be integrated into every industry. The rapid growth of telecom services and mobility application adoption from consumers has left many an organization trying to play catch-up with new technologies. There is also a growing focus on the inclusion of enterprise mobility strategy in corporate planning that should be embraced.

It is our mission at Lopez Research to see that our clients embrace and implement mobility services, apps and technologies throughout all stages of their business advancement. The mobile-centric strategic business consulting services offered by Lopez Research include—but are not limited to—the following:

    • Company, business or new product launch
    • Thought leadership positioning, podium presence, and case studies
    • Competitive research, analysis, and positioning
    • Customer acquisition and branding strategies
    • Market expansion, vertical targeting
    • Mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnering
    • Geographic analysis and advisory

Corporate Consulting and Advisory Services

For clients seeking a specialized approach to mobility services, Lopez Research offers corporate consulting and advisory services. The Lopez Research team is available to review mobility strategies, make product recommendations and discuss overall needs in an organization’s mobile branch.  Our consultative and advisory services may include additional research into the latest trends and adoption habits in regards to the mobile industry.

Inquiry Services

The inquiry services offered by Lopez Research suit clients that seek flexibility. Lopez Research offers an annual contract that allows several named employees within a company to request 30 minute phone calls to discuss mobile topics pertinent to the client. During these inquiry sessions, we will consult and offer insight on matters in which the Lopez Research team is well-versed, including mergers, mobile technology launches, data from our recently published studies, etc. Inquiry services are non-research based services, meaning that all consultative advice is based on existing research; any requests that require deeper analysis fall under consulting and advisory services.

Contact Lopez Research to inquire about our suite of strategic business consulting services.

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