Enterprise Mobility Research

Mobility Research for IT and Technology Vendors

The need for comprehensive enterprise mobility research is growing alongside the increasing consumer reliance on mobile devices in everyday life. The advent of big data, cloud, and mobile technologies will enable businesses to build what Lopez Research  calls  Right Time Experiences.

Lopez Research offers an array of enterprise mobility research for clients, ranging from mobile application development to the transforming business processes. Whether you are interested in mobile devices, mobile application development or business process transformation, Lopez Research’s integrity and expertise make our team the right choice for you.

Mobile Market Research for Technology Vendors, IT Leaders and CMOs

Incorporating mobile device market research during the development of new applications is integral to both its launch and success. At Lopez Research, we offer CMOs, IT leaders and technology vendors insight on how to build leading B2C services in mobile marketing, engagement apps and contextual services. Mobile device market research allows executive teams to understand who their consumers are, how they implement mobile technology on a daily basis and how new mobility applications will positively affect their lives.

Syndicated Research from “The Lopez Lantern”

Lopez Research now offers a syndicated research product titled “The Lopez Lantern”.

Custom Research and Multi-Client Studies

Multi-client studies are a set of custom research conducted for a group seeking similar set of data for reference. Multi-client studies are highly specialized to return in-depth suggestions and data analysis for the clients whom have requested the study. While each multi-client study may vary based on subject matter, extensive multivariable analysis and primary research of relevant material is often conducted.

If you have a suggestion for a research topic of interest, contact Lopez Research now.

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