Corporate Advisory Services for Mobile Markets

The corporate advisory services offered by Lopez Research transcend that of simply examining superficial mobile user trends. In a social environment of increasing mobile engagement, it is imperative for organizations to understand the impact that contextual services and enterprise mobility services have on their business’s success. A Lopez Research, we specialize in mobile technologies and services for both small organizations and large enterprises alike.

Our mission is to understand the evolution of consumers and the enterprise mobility market provide thought leadership and assists our clients in building winning market strategies. Our holistic approach to corporate advisory services ensures that each one of our client’s mobile market needs are catered to.

Multifaceted Strategic Advisory Services

Here at Lopez Research, we understand the complexities associated with enterprise mobility and contextual services. We offer a hybrid of services ranging speaking engagements and workshops to personalized mobile phone market research.

The Lopez Research team is comprised of highly trained mobile technology experts that are available to speak to small groups and large mobile technology conferences. For organizations interested in mobile device market research and mobile application market research, we will be launching “The Lopez Lantern” collection of syndicated research products in 2012. For organizations that require a more personalized approach to mobility needs, the Lopez Research strategic consulting services are recommended.

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