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Mobility Interview: Coffee Break With Game Changers Next Week!

On Wednesday March 28th, I’ll be interviewed by Bonnie Graham for VoiceAmerica’s Coffee Break with Game Changers — presented by SAP.  As I’ve said before, I believe Mobile and Cloud will change what we connect, how we connect and how we engage and how transact business.  Mobile is the foundation for contextual engagement. Next week, I’ll be chatting on the topic of  “Mobility Goes to the Mall, Airport and the Hotel”. These are just a few of the points, I ‘d like to address in the discussion.

1)   Mobile isn’t an overlay network, it is the business.  In 10 years no one will talk about the mobile network, it will just be a seamless blending of connectivity.

2)   Mobile isn’t about the devices or the operating systems! It is about defining what processes benefit from portability and context.

3)    Successful services and applications will understand and adapt to contextual identity. For example,  who is the user? what device they are using? What is their location (home , office, hotel, mall?  What role the user has and if the data or service can be accessed over a specific device at a specific location?

4)    Services will be device and network agnostic but people-centric.

5)   Services, like devices,  will become portable as well. (e.g. corp voice services, collaboration services which are mobile & cloud-enabled).  Imagine arriving at your hotel and having access to all of your corp services on the desktop or TV screen.

6)    Mobile app development will continue to be a nightmare for at least 3 years.

7)    We’ll all worry and complain about privacy issues but small companies will continue to test the limits of acceptance and push the market forward.

I hope you’ll join me next week either online or on the iTunes podcast!

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