Lopez Research, founded in 2008, is a market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in IT and communications technologies. Lopez Research provides market research, visionary keynotes, strategic consulting services and partnership development services. We research and interpret the impact of technologies such as mobility, big data, social software and cloud computing on business practices and models.

Lopez Research combines survey-based research and predictive analysis to gain insight into coming trends. Lopez Research provides clients and readers with the bridge between business leadership and technology adoption. Our current research theme focuses on Right-time Experiences, which are enhanced business processes or services that deliver an employee or customer the right information at the moment of need. Right-time Experiences will be built by aggregating and injecting contextual data from various sources, including internal corporate apps, Web accessible data and connected device data into a businesses applications and processes. Lopez Research will analyze how analytics, big data, and mobile technology will combine to deliver Right-time experiences.

Did you know? 5 of the Fortune 20 use Lopez Research Services!

Our customers are leading software vendors, device manufacturers, networking vendors and service providers. We also assist business IT leaders and CMOs in evaluating solutions and understanding the impact of mobile technologies on their business. The firm services businesses that range from start-ups through Fortune 20 companies.

WBENC Women Enterprise Business and Northern California Minority Diversity Supplier Certification

About the Founder

Maribel Lopez, Principal & Founder

Maribel Lopez, Principal & Founder of Lopez ResearchMaribel Lopez offers deep industry knowledge and expertise to provide research, analysis and strategic insight to the communications industry. Over the past two decades, she has observed, commented on and engaged in the massive shifts in communications technologies. She has worked directly with the service provider community as well as with equipment, device and software vendors. Maribel’s perceptions are gained through direct industry involvement and interaction where she has an opportunity to listen and speak to the customers that are the ultimate beneficiaries of her clients’ technologies.

Often-quoted for her industry insight, Maribel is a sought-after mobile technology conference speaker and facilitator. Since founding Lopez Research, Maribel Lopez has been called upon to provide strategic analysis of global markets, undertaken message testing, analyzed product positioning, and helped companies to understand where they play in new markets. Prior to founding Lopez Research, Maribel was a respected analyst for more than 10 years at Forrester Research, most recently as Vice President of the tech industry strategies group. In this position at Forrester Research, Maribel provided analysis on multiple topics including network and service strategies, enterprise communications and consumer markets for voice, video and data. She also worked as an analyst for International Data Corporation, and gained practical marketing and operations experience while at Motorola and Shiva Corp.

About the Lopez Research Team

Seasoned team of market research professionals that provide insight, strategic thinking, and a wide-breadth of corporate advisory services on a range of business capabilities, issues and concepts.

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